We produce well-seasoned split logs from Bilbster forest, delivered right to your woodstore. We also offer a stacking service.

Our splits are stacked in large barrow bags priced at £25 each, which we can easily wheel to your woodstore, using our trusty spanker. You are welcome to borrow our bags to store your splits in, we just ask that they are returned next time you order or we will collect them.

Delivery is included and for every bag sold we will plant one conifer or native broadleaf tree, helping to promote the sustainability of Cogle Wood Croft.

We are proactively working towards

a sustainable future here on our woodland croft.

Interruption to supply

We are extending our break from firewood sales. We’re very sorry for the continued interruption to supply, and we hope to be back delivering for the 2024/25 season.

We continue to develop and restructure our woodland croft to ensure sustainability in future years. If you wish to be kept informed of future developments and when we’ll be back delivering firewood then please email or WhatsApp your name and postcode to the details below:


07729 775707

Thank you

Ros and Rab, Watten Firewood

Mail: wattenfirewood@gmail.com?subject=General Enquiry
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